Befikre movie review

Befikre movie review Befikre movie cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor
director: Aditya Chopra

I enjoyed Befikre for what it was – I didn’t go in expecting much but it was a feel good rom-com which is sometimes all you really need! Come to think of it…there hasn’t been a decent Bollywood rom-com out in awhile.

Honestly I sometimes don’t understand Bollywood film critics. For example, almost everyone rated Dear Zindagi anywhere from 4-5 stars but that movie was totally underwhelming (my entire family thought about walking out at the interval). While I give kudos to some Bollywood film makers for trying new, less-talked about subjects, Dear Zindagi didn’t impress me with its writing and Alia’s character didn’t feel realistic (this coming from someone who has dealt with similar issues in the past!). Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many better Hollywood movies that tackle the same issue, so it fell flat.

I’m looking forward to Dangal though – I feel like that might be more successful at getting across its message and have better writing than DZ.


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